Disneyland Lands

Made during COVID times. I've really been missing Disneyland, so I poured that into​ reimagining the land signage. I know Disney has begun changing fantasyland to these gorgeous light pinks and cobalt blues, but to me it'll always be purple and gold with a hint of green for villain mischief.

Fantasyland was inspired by a House Industries style I saw on Instagram. I used that piece to help inform how other letters in this alphabet would look and ended up with a creepy, fantastical, almost Fantasmic inspired piece. All of these started with analog sketches and were finished with effects and all in Procreate.

Sketch to final digital form

Frontierland had to have big slab serifs and a burned wood look to fit into the land. The blue they use on their sign now is okay, but I think this looks more authentic to the times and gives a stronger identity to this part of the park.

Below left: The current sign at Disney for Frontierland. Below Right: My updated version of the sign.

New Orleans Square is my favorite part of the park. Beignets and mint juleps transport you to another time. I wanted to use colors that complimented the environment and a lettering style that felt elegant--like it could be on an old

rod iron.

A lot of analog sketching went into each letter for this guy to ensure it was balanced.

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