Sparks Fly

Taylor Swift is my personal poet. I tell her what's going on in my life and she manages to write about it with perfect clarity. Okay, not really. I'd give ANYTHING to be Taylor's best friend but, alas, our time hasn't come yet. She still manages to capture my life in shockingly accurate lyrics that have become my own personal scrapbooks of different times in my life. How an artist can do that while writing their own deeply personal lyrics, I'll never understand. Anyways, here's another piece inspired by her.

I hand-lettered this completely in Procreate. The type is directly inspired by an old Speedball Textbook I got my paws on. I sketched the entire alphabet out first and used it to construct the lyrics. I like the idea of the line weaving through the words, depicting the journey in her mind that's all over the place.

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