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Futura Pencil #2 | My FAVORITE pencil for sketching & refining details

Perfection Eraser Pencil with Brush | The fanciest eraser, but amazing for detailed lettering

Brass Double-Hole Wedge Sharpener | Heavy-duty sharpener with two sizes

Pilot Juice Paint Markers | Similar to Posca pens--great for lettering on different surfaces & murals

Bienfang Sketching & Tracing Paper | The best way to quickly make iterations in your sketches


Stirling Unicorn Mug | Iced coffee with hazelnut nutpods with this beauty make my mornings

Creative Heroes Pops | This includes Bob Ross, Mr. Rogers, and someday, Jim Henson. 


I have a whole list of creative inspo and business books here if you are interested! Some that aren't included are:

Freelance, Business, & Stuff | From Hoodzpah Design, this is golden if you are considering freelance

The Dark Art of Pricing | Jessica Hische is an incredible letterer and designer and this guide does not disappoint


Procreate | The best drawing program out there

Adobe Creative Suite | I use this mostly for vector work, editing photos, and laying out large blocks on text

Lightpad | Amazing for quickly revising sketches

Macbook Pro 16" | You really can't beat a Macbook . . . 

Sony a7ii Camera | I got this gently used and omfg it is a gorgeous camera

Sony FE 50mm Lens | Affordable and great for beginners

UBeesize Flexible Cell Phone Tripod | For the tik toks